2006 Ford F-250 Super Duty Overland build

This is a customer vehicle but it’s currently here at the shop in Salida , CA.  Text 415.699.0708 if interested.

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2006 Ford F250 4×4 supercab long bed, built into an overlanding vehicle.  Get places that a slide-in camper isn’t right for.  

Asking $50,000

The truck really is one of a kind and people comment on it everywhere. I’m well over $150K into the truck. However it’s been an evolution as I figure out what works and what doesn’t. For instance I started off with 4.88 gears and a Gear Vendors overdrive. However I found out the GV Overdrive has a weakness in reverse. Thus I removed the overdrive, changed to 4.30 gears and put a CV driveshaft in while I was at it. Similar story with the suspension. I started out with a fairly standard Bilstein lift with full leaf springs in the rear rather than a block. That first iteration was dual front fox 2.0 shocks. but I decided it could be better and replaced it.  I had custom tuned Fox 2.5 remote reservoir shocks put in all around and used the solution from PMF to upgrade to 2008+ length leaf springs for a better ride. I had the 2008 length leaf spring from PMF but they weren’t great.  Came to find out that the PMF springs were designed for ride comfort and actually have about a 10% lower weight capacity.  I drove the truck down to Southern California and had Deaver Springs spec a custom set of springs for the truck. After waiting for them for several months, I just finished installing the new leaf springs last month. Similar story with the interior storage.  I started with a custom built center console in place of the jump seat and a cabinet in place of the rear seats.  However, with use I figured out that wasn’t optimal.  I sourced a later model front jump seat with the storage underneath and got rid of the behind the seat cabinet.  It was too limiting on size and shape of what I could take on a given trip. I built a rear wall and had a shelf made out of ¼” aluminum plate.  They’re covered with Line-X.  A full length pelican case fits underneath the shelf and I can stack multiple totes, duffle bags etc on the shelf itself.  Similar story with the bumpers.  The Iron Bull front bumper is beefy but the front of the frame where it bolts on had me skeptical with regards to heavy pull with the winch.  So I had the front of the frame reinforced with ½” angle iron and the mounting plates reinforced.  It worked.  Unfortunately I hit a deer at highway speed and the truck shuddered some and kept right on going.  Zero damage resulted.  The rear bumper was built with similar consideration as well as to be able to act as a departure skid.   The engine build that was recently completed included everything that could be done to ensure a long running 6.0 powerstroke engine. The parts list is below.  Since I know that counting what I put in total rather than what’s on the truck now isn’t appropriate I went through my receipts etc and I’m still well north of 100K in what’s on the truck.  The point of that long winded story is that this isn’t just a truck with a bunch of stuff bolted on.  I’ve evolved it over time to what really does work.

I built it to have lots of living space but still be able to get to places that a full sized slide in camper rig wouldn’t make it.  

Chassis has 297,506 miles on it. New motor was 4K miles ago at 293,560.


New ford short block from the dealer, DK Engine o-ringed heads, Odawg2 intake manifold,  Mishimoto coolant filter, degauss bottle and oil catch can. BD Regulated return fuel bowl delete system and an Air Dog lift pump and fuel heater, WDI Billet LPOP, Colt stage 2 cam and Johnson-Hylift lifters, new KC Turbos Stage1, all the Bulletproof Diesel stuff….  Oil filter relocation, Bypass oil filter, Oil cooler, EGR cooler and the 7.3 fan clutch.  New Bullet Proof Diesel radiator. Banks intercooler, high ram and 6 gun tuner.  I only use the six gun to drive the gauges.  I use an SCT4 for installing tunes.  SCT4 is included.  (Full build list below)

6 inch lift with custom tuned Fox 2.5 adjustable remote reservoir shocks. 37×12.5×20 Toyo Open Country on Method Wheels. Converted to the 2008+ rear leaf spring length with PMF mounts and a brand new set of custom Deaver springs.  Iron Bull front bumper, WARN 16.5TI-S winch.  30 inch light bar.  Custom HD rear bumper.


Paint professionally done two years ago.  Professionally done Katzkin leather on the seats.  Heated seats. Vinyl, textured weatherproof flooring.  It’s got a 60 gallon Titan fuel tank, dual batteries moved under the passenger side and a Premier Power Welder under the hood.  Dual extreme outback air compressors and a 4 gallon tank in place of the spare with a ¼ aluminum plate protecting them from flying rocks etc.  Two spares mounted on the flatbed.  4 Cargo boxes boxes mounted under the flatbed.  2 cargo boxes right behind the driver on top of the flatbed.  I put the fuel fill neck in the lower box and keep fluids etc in there.  Can lock the box to prevent siphoning.  SSBC Big brake kit front and rear. Master cylinder and hydro boost replaced.  2 swing arms holding a total of four custom made jerry can holders.   ATS stage 3 5R110 transmission and torque converter.  30K miles on trans.  Transmission was just serviced with all filters replaced and full fluid replacement.  Ox Locker up front and Eaton TruTrac in the rear.  Dynatrac manual hubs, 4.30 Nitro gears and a Banks RamAir diff cover in the rear.

AMP research power steps

Has backup camera and the rear view mirror is camera based so that you can “see through” the camper.

Ravelco anti hotwire device as well as a Viper alarm with remote start

Stereo is a Pioneer MVH-2400NEX.  Extensive dynamat in the cab and under the hood as you’ll see in the pics.


On the Hillsborough flatbed there is a custom bed/tailgate and an AT Overland Habitat.  I’m 6’3″ and have plenty of headroom. Truck has 7 100 watt solar panels on it with 3 charge controllers.  3 charge controllers because the panels are on three different orientations and thus have different exposure characteristics.  Habitat has 3 100AH Battle Born batteries (Heated). Webasto diesel heater tapped directly to the fuel tank and a National Luna Legacy 110L dual zone fridge/ freezer.  Renology 3KW inverter.  The Webasto diesel heater works great and means you don’t have to get out of bed into the cold.  With that much battery and inverter I run induction cooktops and a sous vide wand.  Mostly I use the sous vide wand to heat the water in a jerry can with a shower attachment.  There are two yellow Baja Designs Squadron lights pointing to the area behind the truck to light up the cook area at night.  Yellow to attract fewer bugs.


No known issues.  Took care of everything in anticipation of sale. Tent was professionally repaired after a shop incident.  Pic included.

It’s a Nevada registered truck.  Includes various spare parts, tools and consumables.


New Engine

Ford factory short block

KC Turbos Stage 1

DK Engine Oring heads

Colt Stage 2 camshaft

Johnson Hylift lifters

ARP2000 head studs

WDI Billet LPOP Gears 6.0L

Air Dog fuel pump with pre-heater

Driven Diesel Fuel Bowl Delete Regulated Return Fuel System

BD exhaust manifolds

Fluid damper harmonic balancer

o-dawg 2 intake manifold

S&B cold air intake

Banks High RAM

Banks turbo monster outlet pipe

Banks Intercooler

New Bulletproof Diesel radiator

Bulletproof Diesel filter relo kit and bypass filter

Bullet Proof Diesel 7.3 fan clutch and adapter kit.

BD-POWER 1043918 Up-Pipes

New front cover

New belt tensioner

Mishimoto Degauss bottler

Mishimoto coolant bypass

Mishimoto crankcase ventilation oil catch can

New Batteries (full warranty to 4/14/25)

Premier Power Welder

New Master Cylinder

New Hydro boost

New AC condenser

New AC accumulator

New power steering pump

New heater core

ATS Stage 3 Transmission and torque converter

OX Front locker

Rear Eaton Truetrac

Custom 1350CV driveshaft

Dynatrac Hubs

4.30 Nitro Gears

Banks Ram Air rear diff cover

SSBC big brake kit

Red Head steering box

PSC Steering Ram

Iron Bull Bumper

Warn 97740 16.5TI-S

Rough Country 30″ Curved Dual Row DRL CREE LED Light Bar

Custom HD rear bumper

6 inch lift

Custom Tuned adjustable Fox 2.5 shocks with remote reservoir all around.

PMF 2008 Leaf conversion with custom Deaver springs.

Method Wheels

Toyo open country RT 37×12.5×20

Banks Exhaust

Banks 6 gun Tuner

SCT Tuner and custom Tunes

Banks Gauges

Extensive dynamat in the cab and under the hood.

Custom cargo tray in place of rear seats. Holds pelican case underneath.

Later model middle jump seat with storage underneath

New S&B body mounts

AMP research power steps.

Pioneer MVH-200 CarPlay stereo

Rear parking camera

Rear view mirror camera

Ravelco anti hotwire device

Viper Alarm and remote start

weathertech wind guards and headlight film

Professionally installed Katzkin leather seats.

New headliner

Professionally painted two years ago.

Hillsboro Aluminum flatbed

6 exterior storage boxes (see pics)

two spares on custom mounts

60 Gallon titan fuel tank

Fuel fill neck relocated to lockable box

4 custom jerry can holders

Dual Extreme outback compressors w/4 gallon tank

Custom riser and tailgate

AT Overland Habitat

7x100W solar panels

3 Victron charge controllers

3 Battle Born 100AH heated batteries

Renology 3KW inverter

Webasto diesel heater for camper shell




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